Sunday, November 15, 2009

So far in November...

Braddock got his ears clipped...

ALL HALLOW'S EVE!!! is finally here

Braddock's costume is really cute, but he hates wearing the part that goes on his head. We tried to go to our ward's Trunk or Treat but for some reason when we got to the church parking lot, it wasn't our ward... We took Braddock around anyway, then figured we didn't know anyone so we left to go home and hand out candy. Not as many kids this year, and NO kids from our ward, so I am still wondering where our ward party was that we missed!

First steps

Braddock first learning to take his steps...

Swimming Lessons

In October, Braddock started swimming lessons...

Quick Shots

First Teeth!

Lounging with Dadda.

Playing in the spice cabinet

Emptying out the bathroom drawer

Throwing food all over Mamma.

First trip to the Playground

Findlay had his first birthday party in October at the park. Braddock surprised us by being able to hang from the monkey bars without any help!! He likes the swing and the slide, too.