Thursday, February 24, 2011

Back on Track

I noticed the latest picture on our blog was from last June... and although I love it because my family is all together with my brother and sister in law, I would like to show a more updated pic of myself and the boys. Gil looks the same:) Here is a progress pic of me at 24.3% body fat (down from 37.0% in the wedding pic from the last post). I am currently at 23% and the goal is sub 19.0%

Here are my babies:
Cassius will turn one years old on March 27.

Braddock turned 2 on Feb 9 and he is enrolled in a Montessori school 2 days a week.

For Valentine's Day, Gil made us reservations at the Market Street Grill and I think crab festival is going to have to become a February tradition! Typcially ordering crab in a restaurant not anywhere near the coast, the portions are pricey and stingy! I was not disappointed this Valentine's day, however, and the company was marvelous, because we were alone for a couple hours... Imagine!

Here is my company: .

We have entered the races! Challenging, stressful and fulfilling though.

Here is my new favorite get away:

Gil was performing exceptionally well at work and they asked him how he would like to be rewarded... He told them he would need a gift certificate to the Blue Boar Inn. European and sooooo up my alley....

Gil won the Shareholder's Club Award at his work. In order to qualify, a person had to average $30K in sales every week. That is $1.5 million in sales for the year. He was just a couple hundred dollars over that for 2010 and the only person at his work who achieved it. He was also honored for being the top producer in his role. We are so proud of him!