Saturday, January 31, 2009

Still waiting to meet our baby boy!!!!

We are now a week past our due date and still no signs of labor. Mom and baby had to have a No Stress Test to make sure that the baby is still getting oxygen and food. The test will occur twice a week till he is born. The first test went well they told Lynnette that everything looks fine. We have another test on Monday. Lynnette is ready to have the baby she is tired of bring pregnant however she still wants everything to happen naturally she doesn’t want any interventions. The doctor is willing to let us wait it out also as long as the baby doesn’t get to big right now the estimated weight of the little guy is 7lb 14oz. We are very excited and can’t wait. We thought we would have had a baby by now. We still haven’t picked out the perfect name yet so maybe that’s what is taking so long he knows he doesn’t have a name. Getting prepared for a baby sure was stressful: Making sure we had everything we needed and I still think there is stuff we don’t have yet. I thought Lynnette was going through the nesting phase a couple of weeks ago when she told me she wanted me to rake the leaves before the baby came I tried to explain to her that I can’t rake the leaves with snow on them She wasn’t having any of my excuses that’s when I realized it was no nesting phase it was Lynnette being Lynnette :- )

Patiently Waiting….. Gil

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Still not in Labor

I am due Jan 24, in 3 days. However, we have not been experiencing any signs of labor... no effacement, no baby dropping and definately no dilating. So we wait... My next appointment is scheduled for Wednesday, and I hope we end up not needing it! Mom is flying in tomorrow night to wait it out too.

For any moms-to-be out there that think like me... I was very, very heavily disappointed about how unscientific effacement is measured. They tell you it is measured in percentages and that 100% effacement means a paper thin lining of the cervix. Let me tell you, there is no instrumentation used to determine this percentage. This is the type of thing that makes an engineer want to commit herself to the insane asylum. I was told 3 weeks ago that I was 30% effaced (the doctor takes a feel and comes up with a percentage... a GUESSTIMATE!) Then I was told 2 weeks later that I was 60% effaced by a different doctor. And a week after that, 30% effaced. Enough to seriously make my brain run in circles. I can't handle it. Is there no way to actually MEASURE this.....??????? Exactly why I could have only been an engineer... I like exactness, I like numbers that actually relate a definitive quantity or value to something. I really can't handle it and I am wondering... is this how they measure dilation too?

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Baby Shower

9 months and feeling huge....

Look at the beautiful cake Linda made out of diapers!!!!
And Gil's favorite gift... the Jazz tee.

Ceph's birthday Dec 28, 2008

The Victoria's Secret bag was just the wrapping!!!

Our Christmas

Our last Christmas as a couple was very relaxing! We exchanged gifts in the morning and cuddled up for a movie. Then made a Christmas dinner and took the Ceph to play a little frisbee in the snow...

The nursery.

Gil stripped the nursery of the wallpaper and chose this beautiful blue. He then painted it and all without much help from me. It looks great!

Bocephus runs 4.024!

He's not too far away from that coveted 3.9!!! This video is of Sunday morning. Later Sunday afternoon, (no video) he marked his best time ever... 4.024 seconds!