Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Still not in Labor

I am due Jan 24, in 3 days. However, we have not been experiencing any signs of labor... no effacement, no baby dropping and definately no dilating. So we wait... My next appointment is scheduled for Wednesday, and I hope we end up not needing it! Mom is flying in tomorrow night to wait it out too.

For any moms-to-be out there that think like me... I was very, very heavily disappointed about how unscientific effacement is measured. They tell you it is measured in percentages and that 100% effacement means a paper thin lining of the cervix. Let me tell you, there is no instrumentation used to determine this percentage. This is the type of thing that makes an engineer want to commit herself to the insane asylum. I was told 3 weeks ago that I was 30% effaced (the doctor takes a feel and comes up with a percentage... a GUESSTIMATE!) Then I was told 2 weeks later that I was 60% effaced by a different doctor. And a week after that, 30% effaced. Enough to seriously make my brain run in circles. I can't handle it. Is there no way to actually MEASURE this.....??????? Exactly why I could have only been an engineer... I like exactness, I like numbers that actually relate a definitive quantity or value to something. I really can't handle it and I am wondering... is this how they measure dilation too?


Astrid said...

You are so ready to have this baby, aren't you? heehee
It will come! ;-)

Price Family said...

I can't wait to see pics of your little man! Hope all goes well for you during the delivery! love you guys! i sent you an invite to my blog.

The Pattersons said...

Hope that baby has come by now but understand how much it is no fun waiting. Can't wait to see him when you guys come to visit.

tootallstrupp said...

Ha Ha! Girl you kill me!! I know exactly what you are talking about with the whole % of effacement. THAT IS EXACTLY WHY I AM NOT A LABOR AND DELIVERY NURSE!! LOL I can only imagine how much it pisses you off when your hormones are all out of wac and you just want to "HAVE HIM ALREADY"! :) Be strong my dear, he will come. Just be thankful that you aren't in a profession where the sentence "we really aren't sure, its different for everyone" comes out of your mouth at least once an hour! :)

AshleyM said...

Just a note from a mom that felt the same way as you when Adriana Abigail was born. Everytime I went in they came telling that was a couple more and a couple more and that I should be ready to have this baby at any time. I thought every ache and pain was a sign of Labor. Then when I finally went into labor I couldn't believe it because I had told myself that this baby was going to be a week late becasue the Doctors did not know what they where talking about. Ask my mom when I finally went in to Labor I had changed my own mind from what the Doctors said that I told my mom they were going to send us home. SO I totally know what you are saying. So glad to hear that it wasn't just me the doctors like to drive crazy. Keep your chin up from what the Doctors say it gets better once they get here.

Love ya lots,
Ashley Morgan :)