Sunday, April 10, 2011


Four months after Cassius was born, this is what I woke up to every morning.

Now I feel lucky enough to wake up to this (or should I say, Gil is lucky enough!):

It took a lot longer than any of us planned, but I successfully dropped nearly 45 pounds of pure fat over the last 8+ months. Thank you THF, I couldn't have gotten this lean without you! (

I can say there is no replacement for feeling and looking your best. Every penny I spent on my consultant is worth waking up and facing my day knowing that I look my best. And I won't complain about the extra energy boost my transformation has given me either! With my two boys, I need it! Now I am thinking, I wonder what 16% looks like? And how about putting on 5 lbs of muscle (especially in the glutes and calves... ooohhhh wouldn't that be nice?)

Ok, enough bragging about myself.

For some fun, take a look at a couple of videos of the boys. We have been pasting them on YouTube... it goes a little faster than blogger on the upload.

This one makes me laugh out loud... Braddock is singing:

Here is a cute video of Cassius laughing:

There are a couple more, our user account is str82datop, so those videos are of the boys. There is one with Braddock climbing, playing soccer and playing football. So enjoy.

We are all doing well. Got a few winter bugs that kept us sneezing, coughing and gave the kids infections, so we are soooo ready for summer. Braddock seems to have adjusted well to his Montessori school (The Dancing Moose) that he gets to attend two days a week and Cassius is learning to talk. Gil is trying to build some momentum at work, so he has told us we are planning to go to sea world over July 4th! He feels like he performs better at work when there is pressure, so we are booking the tickets and that is motivation for him to perform at work in a way that will fund the trip. Backwards mentality to me, but hey, salesman walk to the beat of a different drum.

Otherwise, just trying to keep our heads above water. And stop to enjoy life, every so often.


Brandi said...

Check you out!! So proud of you Lynnette and you look fantastic!
You and Gil are amazing people and have motivation that is hard to find. Great job! love and hugs to you all :)

Fonzy said...

You look great Lynnette you are an inspiration! And you know Gil he has that backwards "Padilla" mentality but hey it works! The video of the cash man splashing is the best it puts a smile on my face. Good to know you guys are doing well and hope to hear from you soon, Love you guys!!

Katharina said...

You are an animal! Congratulations on all your sweat and hard work. You inspire me to better goals!